Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the association are:

  • To promote and develop the sport of sailing and in particular multihull sailing
  • Provide facilities for the members
  • Encourage widespread participation in multihull sailing
  • Provide multihull sail training for interested community members
  • Foster good relationships with other sailing organisations
  • Affiliate with other organisations to achive the objectives of the organisation
  • Organise cruising and racing activities
  • Provide a voice to government about the sport of sailing

Other aims include acquiring and maintaining property for the purposes of the association, fund raising, and printing and publishing information relevant to the aims of the association.


Members who wish to store a boat at the MANTA Boat Park must also be members of Darwin Sailing Club.

Note also DSC Rule 101 which requires the owners of boats racing to be members of their relevant association - in the case of multihulls this is MANTA.


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